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Less Disruption, More Contribution

Posted on 2017-07-05

A Manifesto for Creators and Makers to Consider Ethics Before Profits

As creators and makers–artists, designers, developers, and engineers–we have been complicit in allowing the unethical behaviors of marketers to succeed. We pride ourselves in having knowledge and skills that allow us to create anything we can imagine, so why is it that we do not speak up loudly when a project harms the public good? The time has come for us to act as gatekeepers, to resist, and prevent ethically-dubious ideas from taking form!

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Moving towards user experience

Posted on 2012-12-31

Digital production positions diagram

A couple of years ago Malcom Gladwell presented what he dubbed the 10,000 hours rule, which explains that for one to become proficient with a skill, 10,000 hours have to be invested into that skill. Oddly, most tech journalists and bloggers seem to take this for gospel. I'm not going to dissect and argue against Gladwell here, but rather I have a different perception of his argument. I believe that if I invest this much of myself into a certain unique skill, I'm going to grow bored of it and I will need to move on.

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