Creative Technologist and User Experience Consultant


Currently based in Montréal, I'm a freelance creative technologist and user experience consultant. My clients range from ad agencies to game dev shops, from e-commerce to tech startups.

As a user experience consultant, I suggest smart strategies in using technologies to appropriately answer the needs of the user, rather than simply pushing for the latest tech buzzword. I can write and document to help others get a clear understanding of the goals to reach. I work upstream in the creation process: analyze the client's brief and then work with the strategy and the creative teams.

As a creative technologist, I am at ease with many languages, frameworks, concepts, as well as software versioning/revision control systems.

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Posted on 2013-09-16

TEDxMontreal 2013

Thanks to a great deal of work from local organizers, Montréal was blessed enough to host a TED event. These conferences welcome inspiring speakers of many different fields, and I was lucky enough to attend this edition. Although the presentations ranged from health to personal growth to science fiction to behaviorism, I will mostly touch about those that are relative to the topics which I present on this blog, namely technology.

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