Technical Architect & Developer (UI + UX)


Currently located in Montréal (CA), I am a freelance technical architect and developer with a focus on UI and UX. My clients range from ad agencies to game dev shops, from e-commerce to tech startups.

As a technical architect and developer, I am at ease with many languages, frameworks, concepts, as well as software versioning/revision control systems. I prefer to write clean and understandable code over clever and cryptic code. I write and document to help others get a clear understanding of the goals to reach.

As a user experience consultant, I suggest smart strategies in using technologies to appropriately answer the needs of the user, rather than simply pushing for the latest tech buzzword. I prefer to work upstream in the creation process: analyze the client's brief and then work with the strategy and the creative teams.

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Working remotely and traveling

Posted on 2015-06-10

Europe 2014-2015

For the past two years, I have been working remotely on web development and architecture with an american client, Kenzan Media. As you might have gathered from past blog posts and tweets, I have put aside the visually creative side of my abilities, and concentrated on the more technical ones. I know this contradicts what I once said, but only a fool does not change his mind.

Being part of a big team, working on technical things, and in a ticket-based environment, allowed me attack new technologies–such as and Angular, Bower, and ES6, amongst others–one bite at a time, and enjoy it a bit more than in the ever crunch-mode-driven environments of ad agencies and startups.

Working remotely allowed me to also rethink how to invest my time in my work, but it especially freed me from needing to be in a certain location to work. I chose to travel and work at the same time, and this is what I'd like to share with you in this post.

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