Technological Creativity and Interaction Design


Design, fabrication, electronics, programming
For the Intermedia BFA end of programme exhibit

Project Description

By repurposing some of the mechanical components of a guitar, I am transforming a musical instrument into a kinetic sculpture. Zutorie houses an array of guitar strings, which motors tighten or loosen to the point of sometimes breaking them.

By deconstructing a guitar—an instrument with which I have expressed myself for years—and reorganizing its components into a visual device, I am pushing further my practice of post-rock—in which rock instruments are used to create non-rock music—to the point where instruments are used to create non-music, e.g. visual arts.

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  • Hardware: Wood, steel, velvet, lasercut wooden gears, electronics (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, stepper motors), guitar strings, guitar tuning keys
  • Software: Arduino, Processing


  • Photos: Marie-Hélène Brault, Anna Grigorian


I would like to thank the following people and organizations for their financial contribution:

Also, thanks to the many people who provided guidance and technical assistance during production:

Current Status

Zutorie crate

The kinetic cabinet is in a crate in storage in Montréal, CA, and is ready to be shipped and showcased.