Interaction Design, User Experience, and Media Art
Mat Janson Blanchet

Hello World

I design interactions (UX design, interfaces, devices and installations, etc.) and create visual artworks (sculptural and kinetic works, sound art, etc.). I am interested in interaction as a subject of creation.

I am currently based in Montréal (CA).

User Experience Design

Since my skill set overlaps many fields, I ensure to discuss with stakeholders during the creation of a project, from design to production. I prefer to work upstream in the creation process: understanding the client's needs, and then collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders to develop a solution.

Clients with whom I work range from marketing agencies to game dev shops, from tech startups to research labs.

Media Art and Electronics

I leverage my technical skills to create visual and sonic works, installations, and sometimes performances. I concentrate on the value of craftsmanship, almost like a modernist reaction to contemporary creative technological fields.

Repurposing musical instrument components allows me to benefit from their discrete function, and opens up opportunities to create visual arts or sound art, acoustic or amplified.

User Interface Development

I have a long history of developing a user interfaces. I do not wish to erase my technical background, however I am putting this behind me as I wish to concentrate on UX design and research.

Get in Touch

Do no hesitate to contact me if you wish to collaborate: