Technological Creativity and Interaction Design

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I am a creative technologist, that is to say I use technological tools to create artworks and design interactions. I create visual arts, sculptural works, sound art, human-computer interfaces, applications, games, or a mix of all of those fields.

I favor projects with minimal graphical design. Projects onto which I work must also implement accessibility and take user privacy into account.

Previously, I was a freelance technical architect and developer with a focus on UI and UX. Clients with whom I worked range from ad agencies to game dev shops, from tech startups to research labs.

I am currently attending the Cognitive Systems and Interaction Media master's degree at Pompeu Fabra, where I study the design and production of technologies, as well as their societal, psychological, and ethical impact.

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Thoughts on Graduating from University

Posted on May 13, 2018

Some fourteen years later, at almost forty, I finally completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree! All aspects of my life—academic, professional, and personal—went through many metamorphoses during those years. While I may not have been conscious of the value of those experiences as I went through each of them, they all helped me grow.

There are many ways to obtain knowledge today, and there are a lot of misconceptions about the path one should take, and why going through university is essential/worthless. I'd like to address some of these issues by sharing my experience and thoughts. I hope to help students and professionals, young and old, to reconsider preconceptions they might have about the path that "should" be taken.

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