Technological Creativity and Interaction Design

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I am a creative technologist, that is to say I use technological tools to create artworks and design interactions. I create visual arts, sculptural works, sound art, or a mix of all of those fields.

Previously, I was a freelance technical architect and developer with a focus on UI and UX. Clients with whom I worked range from ad agencies to game dev shops, from tech startups to research labs.

I always favored projects with minimal graphical design. Now, projects onto which I work must also implement accessibility and take user privacy into account.

I am currently completing a degree in InterMedia/CyberArts at Concordia University in Montréal, where I expand my artistic practice and focus on electronics, performance arts, interaction design, and media research.

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Less Disruption, More Contribution

Posted on July 5, 2017

A Manifesto for Creators and Makers to Consider Ethics Before Profits

As creators and makers–artists, designers, developers, and engineers–we have been complicit in allowing the unethical behaviors of marketers to succeed. We pride ourselves in having knowledge and skills that allow us to create anything we can imagine, so why is it that we do not speak up loudly when a project harms the public good? The time has come for us to act as gatekeepers, to resist, and prevent ethically-dubious ideas from taking form!

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