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Installing Flash Builder plugin changes Eclipse’s UI language

Posted on 2009-09-14

If you are using Eclipse in a different language than your OS, that is. And on Mac OSX. Anyways that is what I faced. Hear my tale and be baffled!

Let’s backtrack a bit. My OS is in French, as I am French Canadian. Whenever I use software that requires that I write (namely MS Word, but also utilities for emails, etc.), I want my software in my native language. However, in the case of programming (and that actually goes for Adobe’s Creative Suite as well) I want my software in English. A simple matter of aligning more properly with a lot of tutorials online.

As stated in my previous post, I use Eclipse to program, and my setup is in English. After installing the Flash Builder plugin, I ended up with Eclipse’s UI switched to French. Erh… what gives? During the process of installation, I did not chose French at any point.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Eclipse and Flash Builder a couple of times to see where I had gone wrong. Nowhere.

The answer came from a similar question asked on the Adobe forums. The explanation given on the forum is for Gumbo, here is a translation for Eclipse:

  1. Exit Eclipse and open the finder and go to the Eclipse install directory
  2. Right-click on Eclipse and select “Show Package contents”
  3. Navigate to Contents > MacOS
  4. Edit Eclipse.ini in TextEdit
  5. Below the line “-vmargs”, enter “-Duser.language=en” and then “” (or “”)

The guy on the forum seemed to have the wrong language installed, so instead of asking him to uninstall and reinstall Flash Builder, the Adobe employee suggested this option. Fair enough. However I do not understand why I had to go through the same steps when I decided to install the plugin in English. Why has the plugin decided to take my OS language rather than the one I chose during the installation? As James Paterson says, Flash is surrounded by black magic!

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