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Flash Player Security Settings to Develop Locally

Posted on 2010-02-25

When developing locally, you may encounter errors when loading data or classes dynamically. By default the Flash Player is set to only work in a certain sandbox, which limits its access.

Honestly, all that stuff is too complex for me to care.

What you and I really want, is to be able to develop our projects locally without issues, because let’s face it, we trust our own actions. The following simple steps will present how to set the Flash Player Security settings for you to be able to work without hinderance.

First, head to the Flash Player Security Settings page. Yes, it is online and you can only access it if you are connected to the Internet. It is ridiculous, I know, it should be available from other means, like right-clicking on a Flash Player object, but it is not so.

Then, you will encounter this:

Flash Player Global Security Settings

If it is not already, select the Global Security Settings tab (3rd one, as seen above).

Edit Locations

Click on “Edit locations” and select “Add location…”

Browse for Folder

Select “Browse for folder” and select the folder to which you want Flash Player to have access. I chose the whole computer so I can work properly.

And voilà! You now can now load XML files and dynamic classes easily without facing unexpected errors.

Once you have done it you will not need to do it again, but when you change computers or reformat one, it’s not necessarily something you think at first. This is when this post will become useful!

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