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adidas Originals publishes Women’s Lookbook

Posted on 2010-03-17

After two arduous months of work—and during the hassle of me moving to Amsterdam nonetheless!—we finally managed complete the production of the adidas Originals Women’s Lookbook SS10!

Lots of thought went into the architecture of that project so it would be easy to debug. I chose a homebrew MVC pattern for the structure, which worked well. Looking at my colleague working with RobotLegs, I believe this is what I’ll look into next.

The localization worked like a charm with the locale mapping logic I wrote about before. The only issue I found is that since there were no specific fonts for non latin languages, there had to be a check to see what alphabet was used, to make sure that the fonts were not embedded if said alphabet was non latin.

The video had to stream in this case since we needed to jump at any moment in time in the video. Also, we faced an inconvenience when trying to get a bitmap from a streaming video, the solutions were on the server side.

Integrating the whole project into an existing parent SWF was also a challenge, since the class definitions would be kept in the appdom memory and causing issues when loading the site a second time. The solution to this was to apply an application domain when loading the microsite (link 1, link 2).

As I was looking for solutions, I found that wiki that is discussing about things like thinking in AS3, metadata, singletons, application domains and all sorts of interesting subjects.

All in all, that project was a good challenge, one I had been looking forward to for a while now.

The embeddable version seen in this post actually has been produced by Département in Montréal.

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