Technological Creativity and Interaction Design


I am now back in Canada, available for collaborations, contracts, and work. Preferably in media art/creative technologies (installations, electronics, augmented/smart devices, tactile screens), but also interaction design, or front-end related projects. Vancouver, Toronto, or Montréal, or remote.

I use technology to design interactions and create artworks. I specialize in visual arts (sculptural and kinetic works, sound art, etc.) and human-computer interactions (UX, interfaces, installations, etc.).

Here are a few skills which I can offer for installations and tangible works:

Previously, I was a freelance technical architect and developer with a focus on UI and UX. Clients with whom I worked range from ad agencies to game dev shops, from tech startups to research labs.

Here is my skillset for this type of work:

See my portfolio to view projects of which I was part. Also, take a look at my profile to learn more about my accomplishments.

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